Modern Oriental Romance
Hello Friends,

You found me.

You found me because we cherish the
same cultural heritage that connects us.
We are the ‘passport required’ generation
with elegant taste, seeking the finer things in life. 

Our Oriental heritage and traditions are disappearing from the most important day of our lives- our wedding. CICILUX reclaims the grace of our Oriental heritage, and incorporates these traditions into the magic that is our wedding day. Through CICILUX, I strive to compose a fine art community that encapsulates our Asian identity, and seamlessly partners this with sophistication in the celebration of all that is love.

I grew up in China and Canada, but have lived a good part of my adulthood in London and Singapore. My husband (the love of my life; my forever supporter) is from Australia. When I was planning our wedding in Italy from Singapore, I realised that there was a gap for destination weddings. I wished for a wedding resource that could guide me toward professionals, such as hairstylists and makeup artists, who were well versed with Asian features.

And so, the idea for CICILUX was born.

 I am a wanderlust 

just like you!

Having the privilege of living on 4 continents has further ignited my love for discovering the most amazing places on our planet.

I am passionate about sharing these destinations with you, and connecting you with only the most exquisite fine art professionals located in your chosen destination.

Cici, xo

Photography by Greg Finck