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From the sentimental location to the golden doorways, the Shangri-la Paris is the perfect host to a golden- color themed, destination wedding that oozes glamour and prestige. 

Cicilux spoke with fashionable, Australian bride, Germaine, who currently lives with her husband Sam in Singapore.

Germaine swept us off our feet and took us on her journey from dress shopping, to the best moments of her golden day.

Our hearts are full. 


A Bride With Golden Taste

Germaine's tasteful fashion choices brought to life her dream Parisian, destination wedding. We wanted to find our more about her bridal fashion inspiration.

Cicilux: How do you describe your fashion sense? 

Germaine: Classic with an edge. I love a crisp white shirt or a well tailored little black dress but, will always jazz it up with some accessories to keep things interesting. I let my shoes and jewellery do the talking.

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Say Yes To The Dress

Cicilux: Could you share with us your dress shopping story?

Germaine: I first chanced upon the dress at the Eternal Bridal store in Sydney. I was interstate for work, had knocked off for the  day, and was walking around before dinner.. I loved the lace on the dress, so I went in and asked to try it on.  I walked in without an appointment, 10 minutes before the store was meant to shut for the day. 


Australian Bridal Couture

Germaine's Galia Lahav gown perfectly matches the golden- wedding theme. The sexy, tailored dress incorporates delicate beading that tightly hugs the bride's silhouette. In true Galia Lahav style, a luxuriously soft-textured overskirt is grips around the  waist, ensuring that not a single detail is spared, and that the silhouette remains eye-catchingly stunning. 

Cicilux: Tell us about your stunning Galia Lahav bridal gown.

Germaine:My dress, veil and overskirt are all by Galia Lahav. My Tailor also added a beaded trim on the end of the veil to give it that extra sparkle when walking down the aisle.


A Parisian Love Story

Known to be the City of Love, it's Germaine and Sam's unforgettable Paris connection that makes this love story pure gold. 

Cicilux: Why choose Paris for your wedding? 

Germaine: Paris was one of the first cities that we travelled to as a couple, and the city holds many special memories for us. We also knew we wanted an intimate destination wedding, so we decided to bring our loved ones to our favourite city for this special occasion.


Office Romance

Cicilux: How did you and Sam meet? 

Germaine: Sam and I met at work... I applied for a job in his team where he interviewed and hired me. I remember thinking to myself, "My boss is really funny and good looking!" We worked really well together and made a great team but shortly after, he moved on to another job. 

It wasn't until some time later when we crossed paths again and were both single that we started exploring the possibility of a relationship. Until today, we still joke about how he was actually interviewing for a wife when he interviewed me! 


Shangri-la Paris: 

The Ultimate Luxury Destination  

The renowned Shangri-la Paris re-introduces the timeless prestige of classical France, with the  tasteful intrigue of oriental style. We asked Germaine how she decided on such a luxurious location. 

Cicilux: How did you decide on the Grand Salon, Shangri-la Paris for your wedding? 

Germaine: I was browsing on Pinterest when I saw photos of the Grand Salon in Shangri-la Paris and fell in love with the venue immediately. Our planner then reached out to the hotel for availability and we booked it without even seeing the venue in person.

Cicilux: How many guests did you invite to your destination wedding? 

Germaine: 50


Real-Life Tips For 

A Destination Wedding in Paris

Cicilux: Any tips on hosting your wedding in Shangri-la Paris? (How early in advance do you need to book? Etc?) 

Germaine: As it was a destination wedding, we booked the venue just slightly over a year in advance so that our guests had plenty of time to plan their trips. Shangri-la Paris is a Palace hotel and it truly lives up to the French Government sanctioned Palace standards. The hotel staff and Events Director were so incredibly helpful and thoughtful every step of the way - I truly would not have been able to pull it all together without them. They managed a big part of the wedding for us, especially the day-of coordination and I am so grateful for that.


Images Made Of Gold

Cicilux: How did you decide on the color theme?

Germaine: The Grand Salon is beautifully opulent with shades of white, gold and pale blue everywhere, and so I consciously kept the theme to gold and pastels. We chose a melange of white and pale pink flowers, and everything else was either white or gold.

We are so in love with the golden-color tone that is captured by expert photographers,  Erin & Tara. The Shangri-la Paris' tricky lighting conditions is a heaven for creative photographers. 

We love how Erin + Tara have managed to capture the vivid colors through images that are cohesive, and perfectly compliment the bride's style.


A Toast To Family & Friends 

Cicilux: What is the most unforgettable moment on your wedding day? 

Germaine: There was a moment during the reception when Sam and I just looked around us and saw everyone having a great time enjoying the food and music, and I thought to myself, this is unforgettable. 

We felt very loved and honoured that our friends and families flew halfway across the world to spend the week with us in Paris. I also surprised Sam with a video montage of his friends and family telling him how much they adore him, so seeing his face when the video started playing was simply priceless.


Kind Words

The best insight comes from a Bride who has done it before. Here's who Germaine recommends for your special day.

Cicilux: Do you have any vendors you would like to recommend to our audience? 


Wedding Photographer: 

Our photographer Tara (ofErin + Tara)and videographer, Leo, were both phenomenal on the day because they made us feel so comfortable in front of the lens. 

Makeup Artist: 

My make up artist Trine is the loveliest MUA you'll ever meet. I was stressing all morning when she calmed me down as she was doing my hair and make up, and that really made a huge difference on a crazy hectic wedding day! 


Our band, Jazz around Midnight, was captivating and so professional. Last but not least, I highly recommend Shangri La Paris as a hotel and also a venue for weddings as they truly go above and beyond to make sure your big day is perfect.

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