Modern Oriental Romance

Be inspired by the finer details of this stunningly serene seaside wedding.

The bride and groom, Vivi and Yoga, incorporated the beautiful backdrop of the Soori in Bali, to create a nautical wedding theme that sourced materials and inspiration from local suppliers and surrounding beaches.

The Stationery of Wedding Dreams

The wedding stationery was beautifully designed by talented Veronica Halim from Truffpi.

Drawing inspiration from the bride and groom's nautical theme, Veronica incorporated wave-like watercolour touches, personalised gold-ink calligraphy and a sophisticated gold wax seal to add a nautical touch to all stationery elements.  

To add an extra touch of sophistication and uniqueness, Veronica sourced local supplies to accompany the serene and minimalist wedding theme. This included locally sourced capiz, and illustrations of Soori Bali against watercolour paintings enlightened by dusty-blue colours. 

Every aspect of the stationery tied back to the nautical theme, using natural colours representative of sand, sea and serenity. 

Flying High

With instructions from the bride and groom to create a wedding that would encompass the beautiful surroundings, Tassya from Flying Bride Event Design took inspiration from the breathtaking beach of Soori Bali to help choose the wedding decor.

The event design was representative of the blue ocean, its white foam and the various shades of neutrals and dark greys, ultimately representing the unique "black sand" at Soori.

Tassya also included natural nautical elements, such as luminous oyster and capiz shells, and combined these with rows of dramatic candles to decorate long, dark, wooden tables.

Serenity of Soori

The Soori, Bali, encompasses the best in Asian culture while being motivated by environmental sustainability.  It was chosen by the bride and groom because it boasts the most beautiful of surroundings while being situated away from the chaos of Balinese City life.

Holding a strong minimalist design, the bride and groom were sold by the sound of the waves of the ocean that you can hear as soon as you enter the lobby. 

The views overlooking the cliff become a spectacular backdrop for any destination wedding, and the perfect finishing touches to such a refreshing nautical theme. 

A Sunset Lawn Ceremony

The Sunset Lawn that lay just before the Black Sand Beach was the perfect location for Vivi and Yoga's ceremony.

Feeling as if it formed part of the ocean, the heightened flooring made the guests feel as though they were witnessing the celebration of Vivi and Yoga's love while dancing in the waters of Bali.

To add to the nautical theme, tens of thousands of capiz were hung from the top down to the flooring of the entire ceremony area. 

The Bare Minimum

To  further add to the nautical theme, a variety of exotic succulents were placed along and above the tables, while being partnered with elegant crystal lamps.

The greenery of the succulents became eye-poppingly beautiful when placed alongside the soft dusty blue table runner, which was softened with tulle to represent the blue ocean and its white foam. 

Acrylic tiffany chairs were adorned with custom cushions in a dark linen colour to represent the dark sand of Soori. 

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