Modern Oriental Romance

With images of soft lace, delicate blooms and bursts of ivory decor, a boudoir shoot is a sensual way to celebrate your love.

From layers of flowing material in France, to the lucious backdrop of the Californian hills, photographer Jose Villa demonstrates exactly how a boudoir shoot can be elegantly captured in any location, destination or venue.

Be inspired by the beauty that is boudoir.

Jose captured the photo shoot in the glamorous Villa at the Tuscan-inspired Sunstone Winery in California.

The 55-acre estate boasts naturally beautiful views that capture a landscape that is both secluded, and all encompassing.

Breathe in the delicate aromas of French lavender and rosemary and be transported straight to France, as the picturesque stone barrel caves become the backdrop of any wedding, anniversary, or boudoir shoot location.

The Villa's imported French limestone separates the Villa from the Vineyard, and leads guests up the delicately crafted staircases, toward five suites that are inspired by the beauty of Bordeaux.

The bride-to-be has chosen to wear two stunning couture gowns.

The first is by designer, Carolina Herrera, who is well versed in all things luxury.Famous for her designs that portray femininity amongst delicately crafted styles, Carolina positively uses luxurious fabrics with silhouettes that have captured the attention of young Hollywood. 

The  gown is an off the shoulder, full length piece that is partnered with a layered bodice. The gown has been crafted using different fabric textures to evoke feelings of timeless romance, while adding the final touches to a bride's happily ever after.  

Jose's ability to incorporate movement and action into his photography demonstrates how he captures a fleeting moment in time, allowing that moment to live on forever. It is a beautiful way to capture true emotion using innovative photography skills.

The second gown is a sophisticated knee-length, laced Dolce & Gabbana gown that is the epitome of sensuality and romance. It is the perfect fashion item for a boudoir shoot coupling feminine lace with a sophisticated silhouette-hugging style.


The beauty experts at Team Hair And Makeup were chosen to bring to life the facial features of the bride-to-be.

Having extensive experience with the most sought after cosmetic brands, including Christian Dior and Chanel, as well as glamming the most prestigious of celebrities for the Oscars, the Team Hair And Makeup Artists have used their expertise to include subtle pops of femininity and romance by using the colour red.

Together with the white lace, and vintage Villa backdrop, the colours of the makeup and free-flowing hairstyles bring this boudoir shoot to life.

The Dolce & Gabbana high-waisted bikini worn under the second laced gown encapsulates all that is Dolce & Gabbana.

Known for their high bursts of colour, bold prints and signature style, there's no question that the Italian designers are the definition of fashion glamour.

Bringing back the high-waisted bikini fashion trend, the bikini colourful style compliments the female silhouette and is partnered perfectly with colours of ivory and white to bring a unique fashion style to your morning of boudoir glam


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