Modern Oriental Romance

Escape to Florence to celebrate all that is love and art. 

Johann and Emily travelled from Hong Kong and escaped to the intimately beautiful City of Florence  to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

The celebratory photo shoot was captured by photographer Louise, from Taylor and Porter, who was able to transport the couple's true love story from Florence to photograph, showcasing why Florence is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

This beautiful destination anniversary photo shoot resembles all that is art and love, and demonstrates every reason why a destination anniversary photo shoot should be on your bucket list.

Seductively Stylish

Emily wears a mesmerizing white city dress created by the talented Rime Arodaky. The dress rings true to everything that Rime Arodaky represents, as its flowing layers and button-up bodice reflects all that is 'sexy, edgy, and modern'.

The free-flowing, white and stylish city dress is the epitome of seductive relaxation and partners any backdrop or occasion, while perfectly showcasing the personality of the couple.  


Gowns and Grace

For her second dress choice, Emily chose to wear a stunning Leanne Marshall floor length, strapless gown. The gown partners perfectly with the sophisticated Tuscan theme.

The gown includes a textured and layered bodice that peaks to one side. It is elegantly splashed with shades and textures of navy and blush pink to bring a delicate contrast of texture and colour.

Subtle Extravagance

Johann and Emily chose to begin their photo shoot in the extravagant Il Salviatino hotel.  The hotel was the perfect location to begin the shoot, capturing the most intimate moments between the couple. As a door is left slightly open, the spontaneous movements and candid interactions between lovers were elegantly documented by Louis.

Sunsets in Tuscany

The Tuscan sunset became a stunningly simple, and perfect, backdrop for the destination anniversary shoot as the sun beamed beautifully across the peaks of the architecturally beautiful buildings of Florence.

Uffizi Gallery was the final stop for this Tuscan-style destination photo shoot. The pillars and beams that are fixed along the walkways of the Uffizi Gallery tell a story of Italian history. Louise of Taylor & Porter Photography was able to capture the beauty of this monumental venue, from the pillars to the golden intricate details on the ceiling, and pays tribute to such significant architecture. The result is a relaxed and sophisticated photo shoot atmosphere.

There is no better finish to a destination anniversary photo shoot that celebrates the love and life of an eloquently stylish couple, who are taking on the world together. 

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