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The wilderness of Africa is an experience that enriches your life, and leaves a strong and vivid mark in your heart. It is the ideal location to renew your vows, reconnect with the world, and rejuvenate the love that you have for each other. The beauty of the Serengeti African Safari is terribly hard to put into words. It is an extremely rich experience that introduces you to a remote land of adventure where love is celebrated and life is fully lived. 

Adventurous Romance

When planning your romantic safari escape, the Serengeti Bushtops 塞罗盖地野奢营地 must be at the top of your accommodation list. The Bushtops are accessible via private plane, and provide the most intimate getaway that is positioned on nature's doorstep.

Be consumed with wanderlust, as you are awoken by the sounds of the wildlife roaring in the distance just in time to plan your itinerary for the day ahead. 

The Serengeti Bushtops are known for their elite and luxurious glamping tents. Lift the door to a land of enchantment, as each tent is carefully filled with extravagant decor; bringing a five star hotel to an African campsite.  

Find out more about The Serengeti Glamping 塞罗盖的豪华野营 experience here.

Graze and Daze

There is always something to do, and a new daily adventure to embark on while on safari in Africa.

The rich diversity of wildlife and larger than life landscape means that you can enjoy a wine or two over lunch as you hear the boisterous cackle of laughing hyenas, hippos and lions in the not-too-distant horizon.

Enjoy bathing in your own private spa as you breathe in the world and immerse yourself in the natures of Africa. There is nothing like it, and no better person to share it with than your one true love.

Wild Fashion 

One of the most exciting parts of travelling to Africa is the opportunity to create your own fashion theme that matches the wilderness, and shows off your wanderlust style. The fashion ideas are endless as you choose your free-flowing adventure attire by day, and wear your Sunday best at night.

By day, be sure to bring your large hats, binoculars and maps as you take on the world together and stumble across adventures that have yet to been discovered. Neutral tones and, heat-defying clothing is best for the trip.

By night, be sure to dress your best. A beautiful olive green couture gown and dinner suit compliments the candlelight romance that is born while dining at the Serengeti Bushtops.

There's no better way to indulge in nature, romance and luxury, and celebrate your unique true-love fairytale. 


Serengeti can be visited all year round, but the best time of year is to go during the dry season, from June to October, when the wildlife migration is at its peak. The big wildebeest migration is a truly epic sight. Migrating herds weather all forms of challenges as they move from region to region, constantly under threat of attack from crocodiles that lie in wait at watering holes and  Africa's big cats.


I recommend to spend no more than 3 nights on the Safari because after you have seen most of the animals you can be a bit "safari-ed out". Be sure to hop over to nearby Zanzibar 桑吉巴群岛, with its tropical island setting, it's the perfect compliment to a Serengeti safari adventure. There you can get back to civilisation, and its creature comforts, to relax on the beach.

Dine Amongst Nature

Take every opportunity to nestle amongst the wildlife as you watch the sunset and enjoy the tastes of Africa. The beauty of going on Safari is being able to go an adventure by day, and enjoy a five star dining experience by night. It is a beautiful paradox experience, that is like no other. 

The dining experience at Serengeti Bushtops is second-to-none. It brings together the beauty of the outdoors with a cuisine that matches any Michelin restaurant. Be surrounded by candlelight as you are waited upon while watching the sunset over the African hinterland.  


Be sure to visit the Maasai villages, and purchase a few souvenirs from the Maasai women 马赛妇女的手工制品, as a kind gesture to thank them for the unforgettable experience 感谢他们这一生难忘的经历. Despite them being made from very basic materials ( such as bones and beats), my Maasai earrings and necklaces are still some of the most treasured items in my jewelry box 最珍贵的纪念品.

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