Modern Oriental Romance


The Idea of Cicilux 

was born in Paris last year after a couple glasses of Champagne and an anniversary photo shoot with Greg Finck


Here is the story.


A Home Away From Home

Paris Perfect

A collection of Parisian style apartments



Me and him. It started  8 years ago with furtive glances across the work office in Singapore. Our relationship was a secret in the office, so our first romantic getaway was to Myanmar- before the country opened up to tourism - so we knew we wouldn't be discovered. 2 years later, he swept me off to the almalfi coast of Italy for an elopement wedding. 

Travel bound us and after countless countries in 5 continents, we are still exploring the cool places in the world.


The Authentic Summer European Vacation

We always dreamed of a Parisian lifestyle. Romance exudes from every facet of this beautiful city, which draws us back to Paris again and again. We wanted to capture that essence for our 5th wedding anniversary.

Our amazing photographer, Greg Finck, had shown us these quintessentially french locations for our shoot, that captured the essences of Parisian lifestyle, without being cliched. As we strolled along Rue Cler, amongst the fresh flower stalls,  patisseries and cafes, the genesis of the idea for Cicilux was born. Helping like-minded individuals, who like me are consumed by wanderlust, find great inspiration, travel locations and destination wedding tips.

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