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Deciding where to adventure to on your next romantic escape is one of life's exciting choices. 

Whether it is your honeymoon, or anniversary, Bali and Phuket are often two options that are high on your 'to-do' list. 

Both Bali and Phuket are neighboured by stunning beaches, and fuelled by an incredibly sentimental religious culture that is showcased through local architecture and monuments. 

With an offering of five star resorts, to jungle encounters, both Bali and Phuket offer experiences that leave you breathless.

However, when it comes down to the final decision, we will argue in this article Bali is always a winner. Here's why;

1. An Encounter With The Gods

Bali holds an extremely rich culture that is often more dense than that of other places. Surrounded by luscious greenery and bountiful amounts of natural light, Bali provides a very spiritual location where you can visit Hindu sculptures and provide offerings to the Gods.

2. Uniquely Ubud

Synonymous with the green hills of Bali are the terraced rice fields that grow amongst the hills of Ubud. You are able to set yourself a daytime adventure to see the rice paddies and admire the hard work of the Balinese locals.

The beauty of Ubud is that it's a step away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist parts of town, and is scattered with glorious waterfalls that are as inviting as they are refreshing. 

3. Spiritual Retreat 

Bali is known for being an extremely spiritual part of the earth. Take your time to get in touch with nature, breathe in the beautiful Balinese air and, practice yoga amongst the temples as you consciously practice the art of self love. Wander the natural hot springs, and take the time to immerse yourself in the beauty of Balinese nature. The deeply spiritual atmosphere is the perfect place to find yourself.

4. A Haven for Artistic Creations

When you walk along the streets of Bali, you are pleasantly flooded with artistic vibes that introduce you to a world of unique craftsmanship. The local talent is often on display, as you enjoy and view the beautiful oil paintings and natural treasures that are made out of a variety of different materials and line the busy street markets. It is the perfect opportunity to experience the Balinese artistic culture.

5. Five Star Accommodation

Along with the beautiful natural scenery, Bali has some of the best private villa experiences and five star resorts in the world.

For your pre-wedding, honeymoon or anniversary getaway, we recommend any of the following;

- Khayangan Estate
- Como Shambhala
- Bulgari Uluwatu
- Amanusa
- Amankila

6. Once In A Lifetime Experiences

Bali offers the ultimate in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Adventure to the top of Mt Batur, walk across the infamous Black Sand beach, or go on a journey to discover the local volcanos.  All experiences make the perfect post-wedding celebration after any Balinese wedding or elopement.

7. Endless Ocean Views

Aboveall, nothing beats the serene ocean view that accompanies your morning breakfast, afternoon stroll or evening adventure.


We go to Bali at least once a year, here are my loves: 

  1. Cafes: Sisterfields, Seacircus, Earth Cafe and Revolver Cafe.
  2. Shop: Be sure to check out Kim Soo Home for contemporary Balinese home decors; Local fabric with french touch Magali Pascal and Lulu Yasmin if you are looking for bohemian style dresses made in Bali, a perfect marriage of French design and Balinese chillax style;
  3. Spa: Jari Manari, Body Works
  4. Last but not least, it's important to support talented local artists who create the most unique colorful pop art paintings.
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