Modern Oriental Romance


The focus of Cicilux is celebrating Asian culture and destination weddings.

Culture and tradition

One of the goals of Cicilux is to reclaim the beauty of Asian cultural heritage. We want to share elegant and CREATIVE ideas and images that honour the tradition in a modern way.

Destination weddings

Cicilux aims to provide a platform for exotic destination weddings.  We encourage submissions that celebrate Asian weddings or anniversary sessions that give our readers inspirations in unique and exotic locations.

What style of images do you accept?

The best way to understand our style is to look through our galleries and get an idea of the brand aesthetics and feel. Our preference is for weddings that celebrate tradition and culture for Asian or mixed couples. We will consider:

-Real Weddings

-Editorial Shoots

-Engagements and anniversaries

-DIY projects

How should I send the files?

Please submit images at 2400px wide at 100dpi and file size should not exceed 2MB. And apologies in advance, we can’t resize images for you.

Please use the form to the right to begin your submission process. If your submission is chosen we will be in touch with more information and steps.

How many images should I include?

Please selectively curate the best 75-100 images for weddings, or 50-75 images for engagement or anniversary sessions.

What type of photography do you feature - film or digital?

We will accept both film and digital photography, but we do have a slight preference for film.  Please specify which format images are captured, or if a combination, the rough proportion of each.

Do I need to include a write up or description of the session?

Initially we do not require a write up of the event, but if selected, we will contact you regarding providing a brief description and vendors details related to the session. We also find that couples do want to contribute to us telling their story. If you have a link to the session on a photographers website that includes a description, please include that to assist in a timely write up, if successful.

Can I submit multiple times?

Please feel free to submit multiple times, and don’t be discouraged if we don’t publish your submission.  We receive many submissions and there maybe a number of reasons why we can’t use your session, such as our calendar already booked up, or we have just featured a similar style of session.  We will endeavour to let unsuccessful submitters know as timely as possible. 

Do weddings have to be recent?

We believe that beautiful sessions are timeless, so we welcome event submissions even if they have occurred some time in the past. We want to curate the best weddings that create inspiration for Asian couples, it doesn’t have to be new weddings or sessions.

Will Cicilux feature previously published work?

We are looking for the best content. We do not require exclusivity. If you do submit previously published work, please include a link to the site and also full details including date and where it was published.

What is 'Vendor Guide Preferred'?

Given the high volume of submissions, it can take a while for galleries to be featured once selected.  Our Vendor Guide Preferred program ensures a shorter waiting period if your submission is accepted. More information about our Vendor Guide please contact us.

Can I submit videos?

We will consider short film formats of less than 5 minutes, and generally films of less than 3 minutes are best.

If I am successful, what next?

We will contact you regarding further information we require such as full list of vendors names and website details, as well as providing a description of the event and a questionnaire for the couple.

Final notes for submissions

  • We prefer to receive submissions from photographers directly. If you are not the photographer, please ensure you have the permission of the photographer to prior to submitting.

  • For photographers, please ensure the couple has given their permission

  • Please ensure there are no watermarks on the images