Modern Oriental Romance

Photography: Erin & Tara

This contemporary wedding celebration tastefully brought together Chinese and Greek traditions to ignite a celebration of love within the cultured City of Melbourne. 

Cicilux wishes to highlight the key elements from the wedding as inspirations for your special day.


One Love

Christine and Orrie's multicultural celebration of love fused the traditions of Christine's Chinese and Orrie's Greek heritage. 

The wedding was a contemporary way to honour two cultures, while tastefully representing Christine and Orrie's unique identity as a couple.

Photographers, Erin + Tara, honestly captured the celebration, photographing the moments that excitedly collaborated two worlds, two heritages and two uniquely different cultures.


His: From The West

Christine and Orrie's wedding ceremony was held in a traditional Greek Church, which beautifully comprises of stained glass windows, high ceilings and religiously inspired gold fittings.

To honour Orrie's Greek heritage, the couple included the traditional Greek Crowning ceremony, which sees the placing of two crowns on the couples' heads as the Greek priest blesses them and welcomes them to Holy matrimony.


Hers: To The East

Red is the colour of choice for a Chinese bride, symbolizing happiness, luck and prosperity. We love the simplicity of Christine's red lace Qi Pao and delicate red flower hair band, which honors the essence of the Chinese culture yet making it modern and contemporary to match the bride's fashion style. The most commonly practiced Chinese wedding tradition is the Tea Ceremony, where the bride and groom pay their respects to their parents, and join two families together.


Lion Dance 舞狮

While usually a Chinese New Year celebration, the Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance where performers mimic a lion’s movements in time to beating drums, bringing good luck and fortune.   The lion symbolizes strength, stability and superiority. The loud drums are used to chase away evil spirits, and welcome in prosperous times. 

We love the way they have taken a quintessential Chinese performance and used it to provide a statement piece that gives a “wow” factor, and lifts the reception to new heights. Erin & Tara capture the energy of the dance in a contemporary and funky style, giving the age old tradition a modern perspective. 


Who is "The Big Head Monk"?

The Big Head Monk originates from an ancient Chinese tale, and represents wisdom and calm.

A visiting monk manages to tame the terrible beast (the lion) by tying a red ribbon around its body. From then on, instead of terrorizing the village, he used his might to act as a guardian.

The Big Head Monk helps lead the lion in a parade, guiding him to lucky money envelopes and pointing out dangerous obstacles to avoid. 

During this scene of the lion dance, the monk sets things up so that the lion can be awakened properly and bestow luck upon the people for the newlyweds. He lights the candles, sweeps the floors, opens the doors and rings the gong so that the lion can come out and scare away evil spirits.


Contemporary Celebration

Christine and Orrie held their Wedding Reception at the Epicurean restaurant in Red Hill.

The restaurant reception boasted an industrial look, which perfectly matched the fusion of traditional cultural celebrations and gave the night's celebrations a contemporary feel.

It was a simplistically modern reception that held one true purpose, to celebrate the true love of the newlyweds. 

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