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The Red Veil (红盖头)

This week we follow Vivi and Yoga's Bali beach wedding -  an excellent example of how to combine age-old traditions with contemporary flair. Choosing a minimalist approach to their beach setting, they cleverly incorporated ancient traditions, with accents of red blended with the modern wedding white.

For the tea ceremony, our bride Vivi, wore a custom-made red headpiece by Rinaldy Yunardi.  A stunningly alluring headpiece, which creates a seductive mysterious look that builds the suspense of the beauty beneath.  Crafted by hand, the headpiece is extremely delicate, yet quite heavy on its own.

The red veil (红盖头) in ancient times was used to cover the bride's shyness, who only met her groom for the first time when the veil was lifted in the bridal chamber. While the reason for the veil has changed, couples celebrate this tradition as the veil is a symbol that they are making a brave vow to cherish and take care of each other for the rest of their lives. The veil is an excellent keepsake, a reminder of the deep commitment they make to each other.

The Tea Ceremony 敬茶

The tea ceremony is a  part of Chinese tradition - where the bride and groom serve tea to pay respects and gratitude to their elders and relatives. This symbolic gesture represents the joining of the two families. Without it, the parents and elders wouldn't see the couple as 'officially' married.

The Red Brocade Dress 

The headpiece was perfectly matched with a Yefta Gunawan Qi Pao, or Cheongsam. The Qi Pao, hails back from 17th century Manchu China, but was highly popularised in the 1920s when movie stars and socialites alike embraced the style, giving it a modern flair. 

The eloquently embroided  qi pao is custom fitted for Vivi, an ultra expression of femininity and tradition. The brocade fabric of the qi pao gives the dress a vintage, old-world feel. It's simplicity matches well with the overall minimalist style of the wedding. 


There are so many elements of Chinese traditions that are worthy to be honored and celebrated. We love the bride's choice of brocade red qi pao - it is luxurious and modern. The real woo factor is the bespoke red veil, with it's elegantly incorporated accent of gold and turquoise colors, making a bold and fashionable statement. This minimalist approach reminds us that "less is more and quality over quantity"!

Luxury Pearl Wedding Dress

Vivi's modern bridal gown, a bespoke dress, was also crafted by Indonesian designer, Yefta Gunawan. "At first I had several designers in mind but after seeing several pieces of his work in a showcase, I knew I wanted him to design my dress. I love the pearl attachments and cape he added to the dress that really ties well with the ocean-inspired theme", said Vivi.

Working closely with the wedding stylist, The Flying Bride,  Yefta examined the moodboard for Vivi's wedding so he understood the vision for the wedding. Yefta Gunawan was immediately inspired and decided to create a dress for Vivi that was full of pearl beadings, which ties well with the whole theme. Vivi wore Christian Louboutin shoes to complete the look.

Dinner headpiece was by Naturae Design, giving the bride an understated elegance without having to wear the full veil.

An Unexpected Final Touch 

Yefta added the strings of pearl to attached to the dress for the dinner, giving a luxourious evening gown look. 

Watch out for our second installment of this minimalist beach wedding theme design concept next Wednesday.

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