Modern Oriental Romance

Exciting young artist Leo Vir blurs the lines between reality and imagination with his latest exhibition "Heritage of the Orients" at Alila Hotel Jakarta.  His works are an avant-garde combination of photography and digital illustration that is adorned with brushstrokes.  

A casual glance at his artworks leads the mind to believe that these are Chinese style watercolor paintings. It is only after further inspection that one realises these are actually photographs that have been creatively combined with illustration.  It is only at this point the sheer brilliance and ingenuity of his approach is appreciated. 

Transporting the viewer to another period, celebrating an ancient dynastic era, "Heritage of the Orients" is an innovative representation of modern and traditional, capturing 13 women in traditional clothing.  Leo Vir spent a great deal of time researching ancient Chinese paintings and realized that Chinese Empresses are never depicted with happy or cheerful expressions, and his work acknowledges that in history these women lead often unhappy lives filled with hardship.   

Spending most of his time working on fashion editorial work, featured by Harper's Bazaar and other industry leaders. Leovir also crafts one of a kind keepsakes for a unique and timeless expression of ones love.  Here, he combines modern photography with the traditional setting to present a unique memento of this couple's Pre-wedding portrait. Certainly a conversation starter when someone sees this on your wall. Reach out to Leo Vir for your bespoke portraiture!

"When you look at my artwork, you will realize that most of the women have sad and flat expressions. I am interested in Chinese history, and I try to understand more and adapt it into my works. I knew that Chinese empresses are never depicted with a bright or cheerful expression when I did some research from ancient Chinese paintings," Leovir said.

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