Modern Oriental Romance

Photographer: Sarah Falugo


It's often the most opposite of details that become the most perfect of partners.

We share the wedding journey of Sam and Gabriela, who intertwined the opposite elements of modern and traditional so well, they caught the eye of fashion leader, Vogue.

It is the perfect inspiration for any destination wedding celebration.


The Minimalist Setting

The wedding of Gabriela and Sam took place within the minimalist setting of a Private Estate located in the Brazilian countryside.

The Estate played host to a cleanly simple wedding ceremony, which was defined by a backdrop of bold lines and shapes that separated the room, and garden features. 

We've got more venue inspiration that replicates the simplicity of the Brazilian Estate at the bottom of this page.


A Touch of Tradition

Gabriela's custom made Korean Hanbok was created by designer, Han Eun Hee in Seoul.

It brings a true meaning to a traditional Korean wedding, and is delicately layered with white tulle that creates a full-length skirt, beginning from the bust.

Honestly complimented by a traditional Korean crown and floor-length veil, Gabriela's Hanbok is the touch of tradition that every bride is looking for. 


The Modern Bridesmaid

The head-turning, blue bridesmaid gowns brought a simple taste of modern flavour to the bridesmaid wedding tradition. 

All bridesmaid gowns were created using the same shade of piercing blue, being Gabriela's favourite colour, while varying in classic, full-length styles.  

The fashionably elegant bridesmaid dresses partnered the surrounding simplistic elements, and are able to worn again and again to any cocktail or formal occasion.


Celebrating The  Contemporary

Mesmerising images captured the modern-day madness and energy of the contemporary reception celebration. 

Samuel and Gabriela transformed from traditional Korean newlyweds, to an energetic married couple who partied in passionate Brazilian style.

Gabriela's traditional Korean gown was replaced with a white-layered, Dior couture dress which flowed effortlessly as she elevated the celebration to a higher level with her Brazilian drumming skills.   


As a leader in wedding photography field, photographerSarah Falugo says in her manifesto:

" Wedding photographers, Isn't it time we stepped away from the exclusively demure representation of our brides looking quietly down at her bridal bouquet. Let's make a point of being perceptive and allowing character and strength of spirit to shine through in our images."

Beyond the pretty images, that is the substance of personalities that were captured made us so in love with Sarah's work.



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